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Helvey International USA, Inc will refurbish existing drilling rigs to the predetermined level each owner has specified with the focus on getting the drilling rig into the Helvey Facility, doing the required and specified work to put it back into operation as quickly as possible. Drilling rig operators live in a world of schedules and deadlines. Helvey understands this world and operates their drilling rig refurbishing center under the pressures of getting the rig back out into the field as quickly as possible.




Oil Rig




Helvey has developed a re-certification program whereby Drilling Companies or a Countries Oil and Gas Ministry’s old rigs are shipped back to Oklahoma City, OK, USA Aging fleets throughout the world have created a situation where accountants are unable to take advantage of depreciation tax laws on the rigs as most of the rigs in operation today have been fully depreciated. Helvey will rebuild the old rig to new like condition and do what is required to issue new serial numbers and recertify the rig giving the country the ability to once again take advantage of the tax laws on depreciation. With the addition of Helvey HDR series rigs and the recertification of its aging fleet a company or country following this program will leapfrog itself into a position of industry leadership, sustainability and financial strength.


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