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Helvey International USA, Inc.‘s HDR series oil drilling rigs compares to no other rig on the market today. Using current available technology and strategic alliances formed with the most recognizable names in the industry such as Lee C. Moore (Woolslayer) Cameron, Wirth and MH Pyramid (both subsidiaries of Aker Kvaerner) the HDR series rig is unmatched anywhere. Helvey’s HDR 180 model is capable of drilling to 18,000, can be set up in just over a day and can be taken down in just over a day. Moving is accomplished in 23 semi-truck loads without the aid of a crane or gin truck.

Helvey’s idea was to follow the offshore drilling industry in creating a rig that could withstand severe weather climates without breakdown while at the same time provide wireless feedback to operators or home offices on virtually every major working part of the rig thus avoiding delays through catastrophic breakdown. The HDR series of rigs can be operated with significantly less hands and with our training program we overcome the lack of experienced field personnel, one of the major obstacles facing the industry today.

Helvey International USA Inc.’s rig building facility spans 300 acres with 500,000 square feet under roof utilizing over 30 overhead cranes ranging in size from 10 tons to 50 tons, providing the ability to manufacture and assemble 56 oil drilling rigs simultaneously. Helvey International created a state of the art facility and applied the philosophy of mass production to the manufacturing of oil drilling rigs. When operating at full capacity, the facility will produce more rigs than the top 5 oil drilling rig manufactures in the world combined.

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