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Corporate OfficeHelvey Oilfield Services


Erin Helvey: 405-740-2026
Scott Duncan: Shop Foreman --

Michael W. Helvey,

President & CEO


Michael W. Helvey

Janet Wolfe,

Office Manager

Office Manager

Erin Helvey,

Operational Superintendant

C. 405-740-2026

Erin Helvey

Scott Duncan,

Shop Supintendant

Shop Superintendant Helvey

George Dixon,

VP Worldwide Rig Sales

C. 405-255-8205

VP Worldwide Rig Sales Helvey

Jeni Keitz

Human Resource Administrator

Jeni Keitz

Vernon Thomason,

Manager of Libya Operations

Manager of Libya Operations Helvey

Renee' Hunt

Executive Secretary

Renee Hunt Helvey

Manny Moran

Senior Consultant for Central and South America














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